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Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Yoga has been practiced for centuries. What was created in India years ago has been shared throughout the world as a way to heal the body, increase strength and flexibility and, ultimately, help those who practice lead a calmer and more centered lifestyle.

The benefits that yoga is best known for are:

• Flexibility
• Endurance
• Coordination
• Posture
• Digestion
• Concentration
• Body Composition (toning, weight loss)

In addition to help the body become more toned and aid with the above mentioned issues, yoga is also used to aid those with more serious health issues like:
• Asthma
• Heart Disease
• Diabetes
• Back Pain
• Arthritis
• Those who need therapy, including cancer patients and survivors

These benefits and more are the reasons why so many people have been practicing this ancient art for years. What you bring to the practice is all your own and each person practices with their own goal. Becoming certified to teach this rewarding and positive art can be just another added benefit.

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