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Certification for Teaching Children and Elderly

Certification for Teaching Children and Elderly

Yoga Teaching Certification for Children, Elderly and Special Needs

If becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher peaks your interest because of a desire to teach children, the elderly and those with special needs, there are programs and centers that will help you further your education or certify in these specializations.

Children: For those who love the practice of yoga and love children, becoming a yoga instructor for children could be a wise and rewarding career move. Yoga for children has been said to improve digestion, improve motor skills and flexibility and improve focus.

Special Needs:
The therapeutic benefits of Yoga have been praised for ages. Yoga’s ability to rejuvenate the body, increase strength/ flexibility, focus on breathing and allow the muscles to deeply relax makes it a perfect tool to use for therapy sessions.

Safe enough for children and people of all ages, these forms of yoga focus on body awareness, flexibility, breathing exercises and formative exercises to help those with Autism, ADHD, muscle loss, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, as well as an array of other disabilities.

Yoga can also play an integral role for the elderly who may need the assistance of physical therapy to alleviate ailments, aches and joint pain. Yoga is often suggested for adults who have Cardiovascular disease, joint replacements, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, those who have suffered from a stroke or those with muscle/back pain.

As with any style of yoga, you should teach what you feel most passionate about. Become a certified RYT and seek out weekend courses that specialize in yoga for children, the elderly and those with special needs. You will learn new ways to teach classes (chair poses, gentle yoga, meditation, stretch) and be able to further your knowledge of your particular area of interest.

Yoga studios throughout the country offer Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Programs. It is often required that you have at least one year of yoga study (asanas, philosophy) under your belt, but it is not mandatory that you are already an RYT. It is mandatory that you love children, have a passion to help others and have a deep love for the yoga practice.

These special courses are often offered as an add-on, or a specialization and take place during an intensive, curriculum filled weekend.

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