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Where Should You Train

Where Should You Train

Training to be a yoga instructor can be done in many ways, depending on the intensity level, cost and duration that is right for you. When deciding where to train, it is important to know which styles of yoga you plan to teach and, ultimately, what type of training atmosphere you desire.

Trainings are broken down into two intensity levels. Yoga teacher trainees can choose between a 200 hour or 500 hour course.

Begin by attending classes that interest you at your favorite yoga studio. Stay after and ask the instructor questions about their practice and how they acquired their certification.

Studio: If training at a local studio, close to home, is more your speed, inquire about whether or not your favorite yoga center offers teacher training programs. Most local courses will meet weekly. Some courses may be offered on evenings or weekends, as well. Be sure to ask a good amount of questions about the studios requirements, curriculum and the experience of their staff.

Ashram: If studying under an experienced and sought after yogi is a dream of yours, consider doing your training at an ashram either in the U.S. or abroad. Here you will be living on the premises of the ashram and be required to study intensely under a guru while living a healthy yoga lifestyle. These courses are extended and will take a few months to complete. Often the list to enroll at these centers can be long and may involve a wait list, so if you wish to train here, sign up sooner than later.

Online: For those who want to obtain their yoga teacher certification but do not have the time to attend in-person classes, online training may be a good option. Many yoga centers will offer online certification for people that cannot attend hands-on classes or who live in remote areas. Be sure that the online certification you are interested in is recognized by the Yoga Alliance. This is the only way you will truly be “certified” to teach yoga.

Important things to keep in mind:
®Make sure any program you sign up for is registered with the Yoga Alliance. This will authenticate your certification and ensure that you will spend the right amount of hours studying teaching techniques, asanas (poses), philosophy and anatomy.

®Teacher training can be expensive. You are investing in your career and future. Expect to pay between $1500-$3000 for training, depending where you study.

®Decide early on whether you want to do the 200 hour certification or the 500 hour certification. This will determine what intensity level of yoga you can teach in the future. Also, if you are interested in age or special needs specific yoga, be sure to look into all options of courses and location options.

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