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Living the Yoga Lifestyle

Posted May 31st, 2011 in Lifestyle of a Yoga Teacher by admin

When deciding to earn your yoga teacher certification, it is important to understand, become comfortable with and, if possible, immerse yourself in the yoga lifestyle.
It is important to remember that yoga isn’t just about the physical but also about the mental and the emotional. Entering the yoga teaching world and helping others embrace the poses, the meditation and the mental benefits of yoga means living the yoga lifestyle.

The yoga lifestyle consists of five codes of conduct, or YAMAS. Yama means “your attitude toward others.” They are as follows:

AHIMSA ( non-violence): This applies to everything we come in contact with, whether it be humans or any other living species. It is about how we treat others around us and focuses on kindness, to others and to ourselves.

SATYA ( truthfulness): This is about living a truthful life. Being honest to yourself and those around but never harming someone with a hurtful truth.

ASTEYA ( non-stealing): This rule focuses on not stealing anything, whether it be an idea or a material possession. Do not take something from another that is not yours. Take only what you need in life and leave the rest for others. This rule allows no selfishness.

BRAHMACHARYA ( faithfulness): This rule is about not giving in to selfish desires, not feeding the ego and remaining true to one’s self while abstaining from non-necessities.

APARIGRAHA (non-greed): This rule focuses on taking only what you need. Do not take advantage of a person or a situation and do not act on selfish ideas. Live a life free from greed.

The practice of yoga is about achieving inner peace and happiness. The teaching of yoga is about passing that unto others; therefore, knowing, embracing and living the yoga lifestyle while seeking your certification will allow you to truly deepen your practice.