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Fertility Conception and Menopause

Posted May 30th, 2011 in Yoga For Women by admin

If you have an innate desire to help others and have a passion for yoga, earn your yoga teaching certification. By becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher, you can impact people’s lives in a positive way. In fact, yoga is being used more and more to help people in all aspects of their life.

Just as yoga is sought after by people looking to get in shape, increase flexibility or bring a sense of balance to their lives, yoga is also sought after for those with fertility/conception issues or women going though life changes, such as menopause.

If you are a woman seeking your yoga teacher training certification, perhaps, the idea of helping other women in their life changes appeals to you. Imagine a career in which you can help a woman embrace menopause or assist in her fertility process. Seeing someone benefit from your yoga instruction would be undoubtedly inspiring.

Yoga for Conception and Fertility:
Conception and fertility can be an overwhelming process. If a person is having trouble conceiving, it can encompass their body and mind, therefore putting unwanted stress on the body. Yoga, specifically restorative yoga, is being sought out more and more by those with these issues; as certain poses can aid in the fertility process. When teaching this course you will focus more on the benefits of forward bends, reclining poses, assisted headstands and poses that are thought to aid in conception. The practice of these asanas (poses), the stress alleviated from focusing on the breath and meditation added to the health and fitness benefits make yoga a perfect outlet for women seeking to conceive.

Yoga for Menopause:
Yoga has been known to help people become more centered; to alleviate mental stress and calm emotions. Menopause is known to wreak havoc on hormones and emotions and cause stress. Yoga is also known to help adjust problems in the endocrine system, which is effected during menopause. For this reason, more and more, women are seeking yoga classes that will assist them in alleviating the symptoms. Teaching courses that focus on meditation, twists and restorative poses can help women avoid weight gain, increase muscle mass, aid in sleeping and assist in lowering stress caused to adrenal glands during this inevitable “change.”

Obtaining your certification and teaching courses that focus on a specific group (such as women) can help build up a clientele base, increase your overall knowledge of the human body, as well as help others going through difficult times in their lives.