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Ease Cancer Treatment Side Effects with Yoga

Here are some side effects of cancer treatment: Insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, depression, aches and pains. Though, cancer treatments, such as surgery and radiation, are necessary, the side effects are almost as scary as having cancer. Even more unfortunate, many cancer patients do not know that there are ways they can relieve many of these symptoms, if not all of them.

An article from MSNBC showed that studies reported that yoga is great exercises that can also help cancer patients relieve their symptoms.

Yoga, especially hatha yoga — the meditation yoga, is a spiritual exercise that has many benefits for cancer patients, especially patients with rare or aggressive cancer, such as mesothelioma that is triggered from asbestos exposure. In this article it lists specific reasons why yoga is not only a great idea for cancer patients, it is a must for them.

Essentially, the stretching and holding poses from many hatha yoga asanas promote the growth of anti-cancer cells, called macrophages. Even more, these types of holding poses helps the body’s circulatory system, improving the blood flow that carries important minerals and nutrients to the parts of the body that desperately need it after radiation treatment.

However, because of the patient’s severe condition, yoga should only be practiced under the care of a professional yoga instructor, especially one who understands its importance as an alternative complimentary cancer treatment.

Some doctors also found from various studies that yoga helps patients maintain a positive sense of well-being, which is very important during recovery. Optimistic people are typically healthier than pessimistic people. This is usually because optimism allows the body to relax, which in turn allows the brain to send positive neurological signals to the body’s organs. The meditation sessions — usually in the beginning of a hatha yoga session — help patients clear their mind, allowing a more optimistic and courageous attitude towards their condition.

Mesothelioma treatment, and other aggressive treatments, can destroy healthy tissues and cells in the patient’s body, forcing the body to work extra hard to repair itself, thus the insomnia and fatigue side effects. However, patients who practice yoga report feeling more energized and getting better quality of sleep at night, enhance quality of life, and increase life expectancy. This is mostly because yoga asanas allow for a full body workout, distributing energy to every part of the body.

As more studies are done, doctors will soon discover just how important yoga, and other types of alternative cancer treatments, is to cancer patients. Clinics across the nation may incorporate yoga therapy as a part of their patient’s recovery process.

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